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in this case really need to make some concessions. via skype from michigan is james, an economist at the mackinaw center. in detroit is david, a retire chemist with the water department and former union laird and cynthia, she and her two kids survive on her husband's pension who before passing away served 33 years as a detroit police sergeant. thank you all for being here tonight. david, i want to start with you. when you're in the prime of your career, working hard and you think it's all worth it. i'll retire comfortably, adequately, you can relax. how has been your retirement compared to what you expect it to be. >> well, lisa, we don't plan to quietly become victimized in our old age in our retirement by an imposed dictate who are is an emergency manager, unelected by a federal judge who thinks egg overrule the state's constitution and take our pension, and especially by the banks who have destroyed detroit with their predatory mortgages, devastating neighborhoods we studying the tax base, and trapping the city in high interest loans that are guzzling money. >> we're going to g
do still recognize us. >> host: we talk about the romney family view also grew up in michigan talk about the cabin your father built? >> guest: he built this on lake michigan i am from there i was campaigning in michigan and i love the great lakes i love what my family taught me beyond how to cook and how to be strong , they adored me and how adored i was a and my father was a welsh immigrant and we had no money as children that we had a lot of fluff and a lot of joy and happiness my father built this with his bare hands i would travel up with him on the weekend he was pouring the cement, doing the plumbing i was a small child was not helping but the impression that i got from being independent and building with your own two hands, coming to the country with nothing to have the blessings to be in this extraordinary country were taught by my father that is a picture of my dad and myself and my brother. we were in the woods. i drop catching frogs frogs, catching snakes with the girl in the michigan once. >> host: are you encouraging your sons to go into politics? >> guest: i am the m
places across michigan, thanks to the state stripping local officials of their power and installing, instead, individual emergency managers who rule unilaterally. in six cities across the state of michigan right now, including detroit, which is the state's largest city, it doesn't matter who you vote for to represent you anymore. the democratic process, local control of your city, that has been abolished. maybe. something interesting is afoot right now in michigan that is maybe threatening to turn this whole situation upside down. in one of the cities that's now under emergency management is the city of pontiac, michigan, which is just north of detroit. after the emergency manager in pontiac last year decided, personally, unilaterally, to yank people's health insurance, a class action lawsuit was filed against the city. they argued that that one person, no vote, no hearing, unilateral decision by the emergency manager, they argued that violated the due process rights afforded to us by our constitution. it violated the u.s. constitution. last month, a federal judge in michigan ruled
, detroit's bankruptcy is hurting investor's miles from michigan. plus, why soda is becoming a harder sell. and, here's man's new best friend: why more chickens and roosters are moving away from the farm. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's monday, august 12th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: is the summer rally slipping away? the major indicies all fell friday, ending down for the entire week. it's the first weekly decline since june as traders fret over the fed's next move. gold was a gainer by $4. oil added on $2.63 apple shines in its patent case. the internationl trade commission ruled that samsung infringed on iphone patents owned by apple. samsung is expected to appeal. and aol has turned into a chatter stock. shares rose 2% friday on speculation the internet company is planning drastic cuts or that it may shut down its local news sites, called patch. scott shellady of trean group joins us on this monday morning. happy monday morning to you, scott. - good morning. - how critica
of kentucky and democratic congressman or her john conyers of michigan on their efforts to tracking everyom phone call in the united states. >> it is my fear that we are on the verge of becoming a surveillance state, collecting billions of electronic records on law-abiding americans every single day. >> then, a national strike for a living wage and the right to unionize in the fast food and retail sectors spreads across 7 cities. [indiscernible] we cannot support our families on what we make. workerill speak with one who went on strike. he is a father of three who works at both burger king and pizza hut. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration is reconsidering plans for a summit with russian president vladimir putin next month after russia granted a year of temporary asylum to national security agency whistleblower edward snowden. on thursday, snowden left the moscow airport where he had been sheltering for more than a month while the united states sought his return to face espionage charge
plant in lansing, michigan, and it was perfectly integrated into the industrial life of the state. the high school was part of the supply chain. it would provide the workers for industrial labor. and there was a saying that you had a diploma in your hand one week and a ratchet in your hand the next week. people would just walk right across the street two weeks after graduation, and they'd have a job. and when i was going to school, i remember inhaling paint fumes as i ran on the track. there was sort of -- it was just this sweetish chemical odor and seeing workers standing on the balcony during friday night football games. and, of course, there was a bar across from every entrance. the prologue is called gus' bar, and it's about gus who 'em grated to lansing in 1960 because an american consul told him the most jobs were in michigan, so he figured that was the most promising place. by the time i started high school in 1982, the unemployment rate in michigan was 14%, and one of our chemistry teachers used to begin his classes every semester by telling us it used to be that you didn'
to the gentleman from michigan. >> on the next washington journal, a look at what members of congress will be doing during their august recess. political reporter ginger gibson. we talk about the national governors association meeting with gary herbert. recent government accountability office report found over 3400 cases of misconduct under tsa in 2012. we were discussing the report. washington journal begins live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> this weekend on c-span, live coverage of the national governance association meeting in wisconsin. the governors discussed national infrastructure and the global economy. sunday, live at noon on c-span two, both tv's in-depth. ben carson.r author span3, 1968, from the assassinations of martin luther king jr. and robert kennedy to the tet offensive, sunday at 1:00. is a littletol hill healthcare jennifer abercorn. deals withular bill irs tax penalties and the prevention of the irs from imposing those penalties. what sort of penalties would citizens face under the 2010 law? >> one of the many features required is insurance. court -- the mandate. if you don
of michigan is included and all of florida, i mean come it goes on and on. no more fourth amendment rights. >> i do not know the particular reference you are making. i have heard the 100 miles from the border issue brought up. is that what you are referring to? >> they can search your computers and cell phones at any time because they have a blanket warrant. what is really strange is western michigan is included in it. is it the border between indiana and -- >> for anyone who is saying that is outrageous or false is insane. >> it is all across. >> yeah. >> in this case, homeland security. >> the fourth amendment protects you regardless of where you live in the country. it doesn't matter whether you live near the border or far away from the border. >> but it is coming out of homeland security. >> if homeland security is saying that, they are wrong. >> we have got to hold them accountable. >> yes? >> i want to ask about the patriot act. in your amendments or new legislation, would he get rid the president's ability to have it disappear? >> to have it disappeared? >> indefinitely? >> that wou
attack was inevitable. >>> the president's health care plan getting a victory in michigan. the michigan senate voted to expand medicaid under the affordable care act essentially extending health coverage to more than 400,000 low income residents. michigan joins a number of states led by republican governors. elsewhere on the health care fund, the big news out of walmart is that the company planned to offer health insurance to doe mess stuck partners with no questions asked. they calling this a historic move. the announcement comes as other employers are becoming more restrictive. according to walmart spokesperson, partners of employees can be. same or opposite sex and married or unmarried, quote, as long as they've been living together in an ongoing exclusive relationship for at least 12 months and intend to stay that way. >>> cory booker's run in the senate rice, he spoke about his private life, including rumors that he is gay. booker, who is single, was quoted as saying, how unfair is it to a young lady to put them in the spotlight if they haven't signed up for that yet. and people wh
helps prevent what could have been a shooting massacre. >>> an incredible scene in michigan caught on tape and the driver is expected to recover. >>> plus, beau biden at one of the country's major cancer hospitals. >>> a harrowing tourist accident in new york city as dr. oz assists and a massive fire in the motor city. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. it was a harrowing day for students and parents in an atlanta suburb after a run-in with a gunman. students were evacuated from an elementary school in decatur after a man with an ak-47 walked in tuesday, ordered a employee to call a local tv station and opened fire. thankfully, no one was injured. kurt gregory has more. >> reporter: just after lunchtime, a terrifying scene. reports of gunfire at ronald mcnair discovery learning academy near atlanta. the children were escorted to the back of the school grounds for safety as dozens of law enforcement agents scoured the campus. >> i never thought something like that would happen in my neighborhood, period. >> reporter: police say a 20-year-old michael brandon hill carrying an ak
. the question is on passage of the bill. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the gentleman from michigan. >> i ask for a recorded vote. the chair: a recorded vote is requested. those in support of the request for a recorded vote will rise. a sufficient number having risen, a recorded vote is ordered. members will record their votes by electronic device. this is a five-minute vote. [captioning made possible by the national captioning institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the chair: on this vote, the yeas are 232, the nays are 183. table. for what purpose does the gentlelady from hawaii seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that i may hereafter be considered as the first sponsor of h.r. 666, a measure originally introduced by representative markey of massachusetts, for the purpose of adding co-sponsors and requests reprinting pursuant to clause 7 of rule 12. the ch
the ford flat rock assembly line. just outside of detroit in flat rock, michigan. and this is an active assembly line, about to get busier as the morning progresses. >> unbelievable news today, ford is actually returning the production of the ford fusion to this plant. >> big news. >> from mexico. it's a $555 million commitment and what does that mean? that means more jobs for americans. >> about 1400. >> great news. >> we're going to speak with ford ceo alan mullally and coo mark fields about this important investment in u.s. manufacturing and what it will mean for the overall economy. >> and we're here to tell the story of detroit as well as the city's bankruptcy, it's been in the news, it's been dominating the headlines, but what is the blueprint for resurrecting the storied and vital american city that's played such a critical role not only in helping grow the great american century, but also in winning world war ii. and you know what, detroit's challen challenges, they're the same as a lot of the challenges facing america as a whole. >> so, all this morning, we're going to be joine
. it is thursday, august 28th, we are live at the ford plant in flatrock, michigan. now they make the iconic mustang here that i drove in on and soon they'll add more than 1400 jobs to make this car, the ford fusion. it's right now being made in mexico but they are expanding it because it's so popular and they'll make them here. we'll talk a lot more about the auto industry here in detroit and the impact of motown music on the city. all that in a few minutes. but first, the latest on syria. the white house is forging ahead with preparations to launch some sort of attack and believes the assad regime is behind the chemical weapon as tack. president obama made strong statements during an exclusive interview on pbs's newshour. >> we have looked at all the evidence and we do not believe the opposition possessed nuclear weapons -- or chemical weapons of that sort. we do not believe that given the delivery systems, using rockets that the opposition could have carried out these attacks. we have concluded that the syrian government, in fact, carried these out. and if that's so, then there need to be
in michigan and maryland can we have invited both governors to make a few comments. governor schneider could not join us in person, but he has videotaped some remarks. after that come i will ask governor o'malley to talk about what is going on in maryland. with that, if we could run governor schneider's via tape, that would be great. michigan governor rick snyder. as we move into the 21st century, the convenience of enhances our lives. at the same time, taxon are so the -- attacks on our safety continue to grow. we are committed to working with the nga and other states to enhance the cybersecurity prost year for everyone. orther it is identity theft those who prey on our children, these threat but sect -- these threats affect all of us. last year in michigan, we had 200 and 94 million spamware -- 294 million spamware. it's important that we are active. michigan is a leader in protecting this vulnerable ecosystem. agencies andnizing revamping site for training -- revamping cyber training programs. and through the michigan cyber range, which tests and improves capabilities, michigan is strengt
the floor of the ford auto plant in detroit, michigan. and here for our preview of tomorrow's show michigan governor rick snyder will join us in a few minutes. >>> we're live on the front line next. you're watching "morning joe." hi, i'm karissa. hi, i'm sherri. and i'm going to show sherri how collecting box tops for education earns cash for our school by shopping at walmart. come on. sherri, look at all these products that you can buy for your family with box tops. and look, four box tops in one box. that's awesome! more cash for our school. only at walmart you get 4 box tops on over 100 items. karissa i got it and you only had to tell me four times. find 4 box tops on your family favorites like general mills cereals and nature valley granola bars backed by our low price guarantee. wit's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services. i want it done right. i don't want to have to worry about it or have to come back and redo it. with ang
responsibility. >> i yield back to the gentleman from michigan. >> gentleman yield back. i now recognize the gentleman from tennessee. >> thank you, mr. chairman. en started touching on this, but i read in this letter that said this report further underscores the deputy -- the letter from secretary kindle, that the letter underscores the departmental inaction and indifference. basic supervisory oversight are missing in their simplest forms. police has a lackadaisical attitude towards firearms management. historical evidence indicates this indifference is a product of years of inattention to administrative detail. that is a very disturbing letter . it becomes even more disturbing report and the 2008 the 2009 report -- both have the same language. "we found it disconcerting attitude toward firearms accountability at park police. firearmsthat custodians were unaware of the number of guns in the inventory or the origin of these guns." thatis very disturbing this has been going on for -- it says a decade. and that there was this report in 2008 and 2009. are we going to be back here five years
to block the irs from implement in parts of the healthcare law. it begins with michigan congressman ways and means committee chairman mr. camp. >> i come to the floor and support of legislation that would prevent the irs from getting involved in american healthcare. the irs is already out of control. it is abusing its power to tax hard-working americans. the irs has betrayed the trust of the american people. yet, obama care granted i arrest 47 new powers. including giving confidential taxpayer information to other departments. getting involved in your health care, getting in your information and forcing people to pay more tax, let's look at the job that the i.r.s. is already doing. back in 2011, i investigated claims that the i.r.s. was threatening donors to conservative causes with higher taxes. it turned out to be true. the i.r.s. whereas abusing its authority and it was harassing conservatives. but that was just the tip of the iceberg. we soon learned of more accusations about how the i.r.s. was targeting americans for nair political beliefs. -- their political beliefs. what we have f
a renaissance. >> reporter: in zealand michigan has never been busier. >> we added 18,000 square feet. >> reporter: with employees working two shirts, they make custom cabinets for home and offices. sales are up 20%, a far cry from 2007 when suzanne and her husband bought the bankrupt company and carved out a new business plan, design, build and ship custom cabinets quickly. >> we can compete globally because a customer can call us. we can do a design and have it on the machine in an hour. >> reporter: wood ways and small shops are finding they can compete and beat foreign manufacturers with machines like these that can quickly crank out products. they cut specific designs and parts. for years these machines cost well over $100,000, too much for small companies but not anymore. new cn cdot come in holland michigan sells them for $40,000. demand is so strong, it's expanding hiring workers. the key to the success, sourcing components globally. >> there is components from germany, italy, japan, obviously from china. we're trying to do is cherry pick the very best component. >> reporter:
, 94. >>> we continue in this pattern. it's in the 40s this morning in northern michigan. we haven't had any -- >> 40s? thanks a lot, bill karins. >>> major announcement expected from the pentagon coming out today. we've got the details on that. >>> plus, could this be the $60 million man? >>> welcome back. stories making news right now, a new quinnipiac university poll says the race for new york city mayor has a new leader. bill de blasio with 30%, christine quinn with 24%, and anthony weiner 10%. over half the people polled say the candidate has little or no moral character. ex-congressman jesse jackson jr. awaits sentencing today. it involves the misuse of $750,000 in campaign money. he admitted using those funds to buy a rolex, mink capes, and other items. prosecutors want a four-year sentence. >>> later this morning, the pentagon is to announce if same-sex members of military members will be eligible for military benefits, health care, housing, and ten days of marriage leave. >>> a detroit police chief is apologizing after accidently sending out the bra sizes of some female po
in michigan caught op tape, and the driver is expected to recover. >>> plus, beau biden at one of the major cancer hospitals. >>> and a massive fire in the motor city. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for wednesday, august 21st. >>> good morning to you. a harrowing day in an atlanta suburb after a run-in with a gunman there. a man with an ak-47 walking into an elementary school and ordering an employee to call a local tv station. he then opened fire. no one was injured, students were evacuated as a precaution there. david gregory has more. >> reporter: reports of gunfire near atlanta. the children were escorted to the back of the school grounds for safety. as dozens of law enforcement agents scoured the campus. >> i never thought something like this would happen in my neighborhood, period. >> reporter: police say a 20-year-old carrying an ak-47 and other weapons slipped past the buzzer security system and into the school by following behind someone authorized to enter. >> at the front office he barricaded himself with a couple of office employees. >> repor
jazeera, chicago. >> talk about a major makeover, michigan governor rick snyder announced a federal and state backed plan to demolish abandoned homes in detroit. now thousands of vacant homes in the bankrupt city will be torn down in the next eight months. the governor said a lot of these empty builds attract crime and contribute 60% to fire. it will be the biggest elimination projects in michigan state history. >>> breaking news out of iraq where a series of bomb attacks has killed 16 police and medical sources. we'll bring you more on that shortly. that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. please fill free to follow us at, and we'll bring you the latest information on that breaking story. until then we'll see you at 4:00.
overall player. some people say he should be in contention for the heisman. carl woodson of michigan the only defensive player to win back in 1997, but remember woodson was also a returner, so he did some things offensively for that michigan team as well. but clownny, 6'6", 274, defensive end, all-american gets into the backfield so quickly, he disrupted everything. georgia says you essentially can't politic the die with only one person, so clownny in the spotlight tonight, as he will be all year and probably in that heisman race. may have a seat in new york. >> rare that the defensive players. >> columbia in south carolina. >> including top seeded serena williams. he wins easily in 6'3", 6-lo. also a straight set onener thea today. more action coming it up later tonight. >> the greatest of all time. it happening right now in the netherlands. schools now are going ultrahigh tech. and as al jazeera reports the dutch government is planning to open more of these schools very soon. a new school year, a new approach in the nether-land. 2013 is all about the ipad. >> we have to prepare the
to our north but northern michigan is seeing lighter showers. best chance of severe storms over north dakota. not so much for tornadoes or even that many gusty winds. we're looking for more hail with heavier downpours and lightning. that's the focus for any strong storms. rest of the country minus a few couple of storms in the southeast does look pretty quiet. even though we're getting into september the heat in the middle of the country sticks around. denver had some school closings because it was too hot. >> i say stick around as long as you want. i don't like the cold. >>> vice president joe biden takes action on guns. plus the story behind this axe wielding california man going after his teenage neighbor. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >>> now to some other stories making news this morning. disturbing video of a screaming match between a man and a teenager about reckless driving. it turned violent when the man brought an ax into the argument. in this cell phone vide
there in finland and still seemingly fearless. >> it is none of your business. stay quiet. >> a lansing, michigan, detention officer is on trial for assaulting an inmate. >> the video is here and the man you are looking at the detention officer david glassgo, and he does not let go of him until another officer comes in to put a hand on his shoulder, and the young inmate was in the room. >> they say he was using a scare technique, and not an assault, but that said, you don't put your hands on him like that. >> he was in lock-up, but he did not deserve that. >> they have him in a choke hold or is he just grabbing him by the shirt or the collar? >> the officer from michigan state police describes what he think thinks happened in this video. >> he has his thumb around the throat area. >> the case is still being ajude kated and the officer faces 90 days of jail time in convicted and he could lose his job. he is on paid leave. >> i am so mad. >> were you frightened too? >> yes. >> you were frightened at this point? >> yes. >> now, time to take a look at the always tumultuous lives of rock stars. the fi
. he wasn't recruited by university of oh wisconsin so he started at central michigan. they play good football. no two ways about that. but he said his life long dream was to play for the badgers. so he walked away from a scholarship at central michigan. he just alluded to his father, a firefighter. he didn't grow up with a pile of money in the family. here he was on a full scholarship. he said, you know, i'll try to walk on at wisconsin. that's exactly what he did and became an all big ten selection. now an all world performer on the field and off the field. >> brian: i have been asked this question several times. was asked this week. if i were to start a franchise who are the first two players i would take. you start with a quarterback, but defensively it's j.j. watt. that's a lot to say when you are talking about an inside defensive lineman. what that does. you know, normally you think of pressure from the outside. big pass rush guys. to have that presence on the inside and going out allows you to do so many more things on the outside. well deserved as the defensive player of the y
cula sino que de la vida real, camioneta vuelta ante la mirada de todos esto en michigan cuándo el conductor se sale del carril arrasó con barreras y salió volando . >> el hombre cayó a 20 pies de profundidad en arrollo pero sobrevivio . >> de milagro . >> tragedia de los niños menores de edad es alta para por padres deportados . >> pero tenemos otra historia . >> el futuro de niños en el limbo pore detenciones de inmigración ,. >> más aumenta cuándo es de padres solteros . >> ella no derrrama más lagrimas pero la pena brota . >> le digo que llore y se exprese porque sino se enfermara saben que si no es la mamá no puede hacer nada . >> laura queda con sonia que se salvo de ser arrestada porque también trabajaba de forma ilegal . >> copmo fue el momento? . >> horrible porque mis hijos aquí solos hace 3 años tuve violencia doméstica . >> situaciones así son pan de cada día en arizona este preparado en este caso de arrestó . >> importante tener en sus manos carta poder donde especifican quien estará a cargo de sus hijos . >> así los protege menor en lo academico y llevarlos
for a baltimore man who made a lot changing decision for himself and a 10-year-old from michigan. he came face to face with her. his donated bone marrow is credited with saving her life. he said he actually had forgotten about signing up for it more than two decades ago, but then learned he was her perfect match. >> a child is sick, you want to do something. if you can help somebody, you want to do this little thing for somebody else. you could be laid up for 30 days or for four days, it does not matter. >> she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and used the bone marrow in a critical procedure in 2009. >> what had happened this evening, or late this afternoon, northwest winds have brought in slightly less. it is not going to last. enjoy it while we have it. the forecast just ahead. quite a quick look at the radar again. there were some showers this afternoon. this line here, that is where this northwest breeze has brought in slightly drier air and push the moisture down to the south. that is where most of the rain will be generated in the next 24 hours. we will have to keep an eye on thi
in wyoming. "world news" hour, another one, 70 miles in idaho. then word of a young girl in michigan and then another attack in colorado. just tonight, word of a rescue in alaska, a mauling in the middle of the night. they wore night-vision goggles to find the victim and save him. bears are now preparing for hibernation. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: 12-year-old abby wetherell was going for a jog, training for her favorite sport when she came across a bear. >> and she had seen a bear out of the corner of her eye. >> reporter: her grandfather said she started to run faster but the black bear like this one chased her. >> she started running again and he came up behind her again and knocked her down. >> reporter: at one point, abigail tried to play dead but then she did the best thing she could do -- she screamed. >> one of the neighbors heard abby screaming. the neighbor hollered for my son who lives next door and they both went running back into the woods. the bear was already gone. >> reporter: the dedicated soccer player was airlifted to a hospital in northern michigan whe
constituency they need to buy in order to do that. in detroit, as all of michigan, unions and especially public unions are extremely strong. john: yostudy this around the country. what does cities to that is better? >> it's so interesting. detroit used to be called the paris of the midwest. of course today $28,000 debt per person. you can look to other cities that are operating in the black with cash on hand, were winning public parks, all kinds of things. john: was the difference? >> number one, sandy spring georgia, the city that privatized nearly everything. by privatizing garbage, sewage, accounting, back office operations. they cut the cost of government in half. any city in america could benefit from just that one provision. john: by government employees but things still run well. >> well, when she was talking about the strength of the unions, that something else the sandy springs has right. by privatizing these services, you don't have the unions. so you only have five government employees. john: and the town is smaller than the charge, but still -- >> hundred thousand people. there have
at a michigan factory the car, is currently made in mexico. however with sales up 13%, the automaker will add production lines in flat rock michigan.14 hundred jobs will be created.. still to come:stock surprises. what companies could be poised for a pop? thats later. plus..... break up rumors top the list of hot topics in traders unplugged. and, how a group of talented nuns are proving to the music industry that you gotta have faith. bill moller joins us with that uplifting story, next. > > for the past two weeks you know what's been the number 1 billboard hit? well listen. singing nuns. okay, robin thicke is still overall as tops but this modern day, sound of music group of nuns is the top of the classical musical chart. the album is mater eucharistiae or mother eucarist, as performed by the dominican sisters of mary in ann arbor michigan. sister joseph andrew oversees the music for the order. you beat some big names- including andrea bocelli and bach himself! i can't believe you set out to be chart topping sister super stars. > > i know! it has been such an exciting adventure. we did it fo
in northern michigan where she underwent surgery. there's been a spate of bear attacks across the country in recent days. on friday, a camper was attacked in her tent in colorado. on thursday, grizzly attacks, two hikers were mauled in yellow stone national park and in idaho, two park workers were hospitalized. bears are out looking for food ahead of hibernation. police said that everyone should know a few basic rules. >> don't play dead because bears eat dead animals. >> reporter: saving a hunter in alaska mauld in the middle of the night. he suffered severe blood loss. luckily he was with a hunter who had a medical background and that's how he saved. >> the spray is a little costly but worth it if you're going out in the woods. >> it's called bear spray, a bear deter rent. it's like a strong mace or a pepper spray. if you're hiking or camping you should use it. if you get close to one of those, it will range about 35 feet. >> linzie, thank you. >>> we move to the for mying scene playing out in the phil phoenix tonight. a typhoon rains halting the search for survivors. some have discover
good to play at carnegie hall. that's what i hear. what area was she from originally? michigan. michigan, okay. it was made by anders halvarson of meyers-halvarson. halvarson actually is... in the history of american violin makers, he's not that well known. halvarson came from sweden in 1923 and worked at one of the major chicago violin shops, which was william lewis & son, and there he worked under carl becker sr. and jr. carl becker sr. is pretty much acknowledged to be one of the greatest american makers of the 20th century, so he had excellent instruction under becker and his son. he bought first-quality wood and made instruments in the basement of this house, and he was extremely industrious. he had a very beautiful, even, orange varnish that he applied by hand, and although there are a couple of scratches in the top, they can easily be retouched. turning the violin, we can see a beautiful flamed maple back, and this is first-quality wood that halvarson probably bought in germany during the late '30s or maybe even the early '50s. it's hard to tell, but it's a one-piece bac
: gramm, michigan, mary, go ahead. caller: good morning, i just wanted to say several things. one, people do not understand that the obama care is directly related to what is going to happen if immigration passes. what is going to happen is americans are going to be forced to be covered by obama care, whereas the bill as it stands now, illegals will not be covered by this, so therefore, who do you think the employer is going to employ? not the american citizen. it will be the person they do not have to give health care to. host: rebecca? guest: i am not a health-care expert, there are interesting conceits to the health care bill that i will fully admit i do not understand. the concern has been raised that especially -- especially, well we are talking about people working off the books, which is a whole nother issue. if you are hiring someone knowing they are undocumented, you are blatantly flaunting the law and is an issue that needs to be addressed. a lot of that comes to a point of verification systems. we need to be able to real-time know whether someone is eligible to work. so, in the
, that is the republican congressman from the great state of michigan soon to be a candidate. the man is in washington no more. congressman mccotter is now former congressman mccotter because of the scandal in trying to get himself reelected. most of the signatures he had were fake. they were fraudulent, photocopied so clumsily because the first word had been cut off, warning about election fraud. since he didn't qualify for the republican primary on account of having no real signatures for his campaign, mccotter not only quit his election race, he quit congress, and resigned with the headline, drag another match. he quit the race and congress just four months before the 2012 election. and that timing created a real mess in his michigan district. the seat he left hanging is a totally overwhelmly republican district, the republicans are guaranteed to win, no matter who they are. and because everybody thought that mccotter would have been reelected to another term no serious candidate challenged him in the republican primary. the only republican in the running was this kind of wacky guy. when mccotter w
states of america could no longer afford paved roads? 38 counties in michigan started grinding their paved roads, their asphalt roads into gravel because they could not afford to keep them paved. in south dakota, 100 miles of asphalt road ground into gravel. in ohio, they couldn't afford to grind down their roads. ohio counties made an official decision to let their paved streets erode into unpaved streets. this started happening in 2009 when the economy was still just spiraling downward. by 2010, it was a national-level story that was covered to great effect in the "wall street journal" and some other places including on this show. it's happening in ohio and it's happening in alabama and it's happening in pennsylvania. which means that somewhere in china, it is entirely possible that a businessperson sat down for a ride on a 200 mile an hour state of art levitating bullet train and cracked open the "wall street journal" and read about how in america, we've decided we can't afford paved roads anymore. that is one of the stories that we did on show that really stuck with me from
: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that further proceedings under the quorum call be dispensed with. mr. president, if you come to my office in the russell building, you will russialy be greeted by one of the young and eager staffers who welcome visitors and who answer the phones at the front desk. every once in a while, you will find instead someone with a little more experience, my chief of staff, who has got now about 30 years of senate service, in fact. now, david lyles often takes time to sit at the front desk and to answer phone calls, not during the slower, easier days of a surgeon summer recess, buts instead when a constituent calls are the hottest and the heaviest. it's his way of staying connected to the flow of feedback coming into the office and of letting the staff know that everybody, from the most experienced staffer to the most recent college graduate, is responsible for responding to the people that we all serve. but it's also his way of providing some relief to the pressure that these young new staffers are under, particularly when
recognize the gentleman from michigan, mr. dingell, for five minutes. >> i thank you for your courtesy. i thank you for holding this hearing. thank you, madam administrator, for being here today. we are 60 days away from the open enrollment. october 1. we are at the cusp of implementing reforms and we will see it -- see to it that health care is a right and not a privilege. we are close to full implementation of the law. against those who want this legislation to fail. ,hat would be a dreadful shortsighted policy, which would hurt the country very badly. my question today, is for some of the benefits we have already seen from the affordable care act and what we may expect in the forthcoming months. please answer these questions yes or no. when the new health insurance marketplaces be up and running for open enrollment, as scheduled, 60 days from now? >> yes. >> i would like you to give us a brief monograph on how the different states will be doing, because some will come in and some will not. if you could submit that to us for the record. just this month, the department of treasury asked
with us here today. >> thank you. >>> 24 minutes after the hour. a michigan medical student is killed on cam pass withpus with gunshot wound. who could have killed him and why? after the break. seating. it's . [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ at&t mobile share for business. [ dog ] we found it together.upbeat ] on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. >>> a possible new lead in the murder of a university of michigan medical student but it may just be another dead-end in the investigation. >> reporter: john, many people
to work for companies like ford, gm or chrysler. recently we passed right to work legislation in michigan and now the labor bosses are going to start hearing from union members like myself. we don't like being told we should support candidates like barack obama, we don't like government-sponsored health care that's going to cost us more and reduce our doctors. now if i resign, i'm able to take my union dues with me. maybe the union will start listening us. >> the president basically said in addition to what you just said, he said you'll never have to change your doctor, you'll never have to change your health plan. >> he lied to us. >> you know what this cadillac charge is going to do, it's going to lead to dumping on a massive scale, especially public unions like detroit, i don't know how many other cities like chicago, they're all going to be dumped right on to the so-called insurance exchange, most of them aren't created, that's what's going to happen. >> detroit's in chapter 9 bankruptcy partially because unions have been in bed with tax-and-spend liberal democrats for decades. they b
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